Welcome to Vadbra Music! We are a music label, not a record label. Vad bra!

Dead Disco Drivers

agents: Superspectacular
press: Vadbra Music


Equinox, the Peacekeeper

“Birdsongs On The Wasteland is a brilliant surprise.” - The Digital Fix (uk)
"Een unieke luisterervaring. 4stars!" - Podium/festivalinfo (nl)
"Dit is gewoon een wereldplaat!" - Gonzo Circus
"50’ de singer/songwriter d’un niveau supérieur, interprété par un trio d’inadaptés technologiques." - live review

agents: Superspectacular (BE), The Local (UK & ROTW)
press: Bertus (NL), Echo Empire (UK)


Say Hello.

We are a music label, not a record label.

We started a music label in 2012... Sounds crazy, not? Well, call us crazy then.
We like music, we want to support good tunes and we believe in musicians with a realistic ambition where fans and songs come first.

Feel like talking?
Good, but one rule: don't send us mp3's or any large files in the mail.
Send us a link to your site, soundcloud, bandcamp, etc... It's 2014 after all.

We're always open for suggestions, ideas, questions, etc... So, take your chance!


ps: you can also visit our tumblr or facebook where we drop reviews, pictures and loads of other things too. It's basically a bit more interactive than this site. Oh, and in case you're wondering: we're located in Belgium right now.